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Used in production

Google builds many critical web apps using the Dart programming language, often with AngularDart. The next generation of Google AdWords is built in Dart. Google Fiber’s latest web app is built in it. So is Google’s internal CRM.

Outside Google, amazing companies like Wrike, Blossom, Workiva, and DGLogik have been building their products in Dart.


Easy to learn & use

Open in DartPad
import 'dart:html';

main() async {
  var countdown = querySelector("#countdown");
  for (int i = 100; i >= 0; i--) {
    countdown.text = "Time: $i";
    await window.animationFrame;

With a consistent language, well-crafted standard libraries, and cleaner DOM, Dart is a good choice even for programmers with limited or no JavaScript experience. Things work the way C, C#, ActionScript, and Java developers expect.

Standard libraries provide classes that would otherwise need to be in external libraries or built from scratch. For example, dart:html is a sane, Dart-y wrapper around the DOM and window APIs, so you don’t need to worry about browser support.

When you do need an external library, managing dependencies is easy, thanks to Dart’s pub package manager.

Stable & maintained

Google and other companies have been using Dart for years. The SDK alone has hundreds of commits each month, and a new release every 6 weeks. Through all the activity, the API stays stable.


(average monthly commits to
dart-lang GitHub repositories)

Great with Angular


You can do Dart web development with whatever web framework (or lack of one) you choose. We recommend AngularDart.

Google uses this framework+language combo in production, and invests heavily in its development.

“Batteries included”

Code completion, refactoring, step-by-step debugging, powerful static analysis, profiling, code coverage, a standard unit test library—all these are supported by the preferred IDE, WebStorm.

Dart plugins also exist for other IDEs and editors, such as Atom, Sublime Text 3, Emacs, and Vim.

The Dart language and tools help you find bugs early on, before they become big problems. An automatic code formatter helps you focus on how your code works, rather than how it looks.


Loved by developers

“I have been working with Dart a lot lately and I have really enjoyed it.”

/u/Stuntman782 on Reddit

“What Dart gave to us is confidence and transparency. It’s like a toolbox, where everything is in its own place. Our front-end development team now consists of 35 full-time Dart developers.”

Igor Demyanov, Wrike

“Dart offers a sane and consistent development experience for modern web applications. It really is exactly what we were looking for.”

Thomas Schranz, Blossom

“Dart strikes a great balance between simplicity and functionality. It has an excellent asynchronous model and can run on the client and server. Dart makes development a pleasure.”

Timothy Clare, Quire